Classic Quilt- Butterfly Miracle

  • Size: Approximately 75”x 85” (with slight variations).
    Hand-stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal.  
    Made from locally purchased, donated or up-cycled materials.
    Two-layer design with light batting inside.
    Although generally colorfast, quilts should be washed in cold water, by hand or in a front-load washer.  Line dry.

  • Classic Quilts were traditionally used as a covering for wooden sleeping cots and were often given as part of a girl's dowry on her wedding day.  The quilts are made from scraps of cloth either purchased or donated from local tailor shops, or sometimes up-cycled from existing clothing. Often they are made from bits of saris or of the making of monks robes.Each quilt is unique and every stitch, perfect or flawed, is made with love.  

  • 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of a Classic Quilt goes to supporting the education of a child in need. With every quilt purchased you help send a child to school for one year, as well as provide them with school uniforms, shoes, pencils, books and a backpack - everything necessary to give a child the chance for a bright future.