Every summer, Quilts for Kids Nepal flies to the US and Europe to meet with our friends and to gather support for our community here in Kathmandu.  We sell lots of quilts, sponsor lots of kids, and generous people from around the world make donations that keep the quilt-making women in our community working. But this year that's not happening... and we miss you!

So, we came up with an new idea: This year we're going hosting a series of online events, with a few of our good friends with extraordinary talents, and we're calling it the Q4K Virtual Road Show 2020.  And as part of the Q4K Virtual Road Show, we're offering an exclusive collection of our beautiful Classic Quilts, at $50 off of the regular price, on this private page of our website. 

When you buy a quilt, 100% of the money still goes to send a child to school for a year, and supplies everything that the child needs for the year: books, school uniform, shoes & a backpack!  Select a quilt here, pay for it, and the quilt will be sent out from our exclusive collection being held in Washington DC

Thank you for supporting Quilts for Kids Nepal!