Baby Quilt- Animal Friends

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  • Hand stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal, our Baby Quilts are made entirely ofmaterials either found or purchased at local tailoring shops in the Boudhanath neighborhood of Kathmandu. Often they are made from scraps of old saris or from the pieces left over from the making of Buddhist monks' robes. Each quilt is unique-- sometimes simple and rough, sometimes elegant and whimsical. Made by a community of women with a skillful and imaginative ability to describe their world through needle and thread, each takesthree women approximately ten days to complete. Best used as bedding for children or as a wall hanging, the purchase of every quilt helps ensure the ongoing education of a child and so much more. 

  • 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of a quilt goes to supporting the education of a child in need. With every quilt sold,  we are able to send a child to school for one year, as well as purchase the necessary school supplies to ensure that a child has every opportunity to succeed. 

    By purchasing a quilt from Quilts for Kids, you also help provide the women in our community with an ongoing source of income.This gives them an alternative to begging, makes them less dependent on men, and brings them financial independence.
  • -Hand stitched in Kathmandu Nepal with recycled or donated fabric 
    -Three-layer design with ⅛” batting
    ashed (with soap and cold water)
    -Though generally colorfast, care should be taken as the colors sometimes run
    -40” by 50”