Punjabi Quilt - Queen's Finest

  • Size: Approximately 75”x 85” (with slight variations).
    Hand-stitched in Kathmandu, Nepal and Punjab, India. 
    Made from 100% cotton cloth and an up-cycled Punjabi marriage shawl (called a phulkari). 
    Two-layer design with thick batting inside.
    Although generally colorfast, quilts should be washed in cold water, by hand or in a front-load washer.  Line dry.

  • Punjabi Quilts are a variation on a traditional village design and are extra-special because each one includes up-cycled cloth from a colorful Punjabi marriage shawl (called a phulkari)!  These quilts are made by a select group of women who have been specially trained by our visiting quilt-making master. The quilts are thick and soft, and made from 100% cotton fabric, and, like all of our quilts, each Punjabi Quilt is unique and every stitch, perfect or flawed, is made with love. 
  • 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of a Punjabi Quilt goes to supporting the education of a child in need. With every quilt purchased you help send a child to school for one year, as well as provide them with school uniforms, shoes, pencils, books and a backpack - everything necessary to give a child the chance for a bright future.